Board of Directors

Board Members



  • LC AA Baseball & Tee Ball – Shawn Palardy
  • Safety Mgr – Kris Barden
  • Concessions Mgr / Photo Coordinator – Donna Johnston
  • Director - Grounds – Tim Tibbetts
  • Director - Playing Equipment – John Jones / Tim Tibbetts
  • Director - Umpire-in-Chief / Player Agent - Jim Sotir
  • Director - Buildings – Jeff Tousignant
  • League Info Officer - Dawn Palardy
  • Fundraising Coordinator – Sue Gluck

Board Meetings

Generally held on the 3rd Sunday of every month. While these meetings are open to the public, times and locations may vary so please contact a Board member for details if interested in attending.

All Terms are 1 Year Terms from November election to November election. There is no Term Limit if duly nominated and elected each year.

Next meeting is on Sunday, February 11th, 6:00pm at the Lyman Community Library.

A Volunteer Organization: What This Means

Because we are a 100% volunteer organization, we need parent/guardian participation in many different ways throughout each season.

  • Managers, Coaches and Practice Helpers: Having the proper amount of Managers, Coaches and Practice Helpers enables us to offer the best all-around experience for our children. This allows for more reasonably sized teams which equates to a greater variety of drills during practices and a more engaging experience.
    Managers and Coaches are required to attend a Coach’s Clinic every two years to learn or brush up on common procedures and drills to teach the children. If you do not have experience with coaching but know you will be at every practice, you are the perfect candidate to become a Managers or Coach – feel free to check that box during Registrations! We’d rather have too many people volunteer to become Managers and Coaches than not enough.
  • Concessions Stand Attendants: To be fair to everybody, everybody is required to run the Concession Stand during games (unless you volunteered to be a Manager or Coach). This can be broken down into the first half and the second half of the game so that nobody misses an entire game. If you do not volunteer yourself, a Manager or Coach may assign you to volunteer when needed.
  • Team Parents: To keep games running smoothly, we need one person in the dugout. This person is in charge of keeping the children in the proper batting order, making sure the proper gear is worn when needed, and maintaining the score books.

Little League expectations are that involvement and volunteering will be without needing to be coaxed. Prompt response to all communications is also expected.

Volunteer Application

Please complete and return to a Board Member with a Photo ID copy attached to be a Little League Volunteer - Manager, Coach, Umpire, Board Member, etc.

Volunteer Application Form