Player Fundraiser

Alfred Lyman Little League offers the option to participate in the Player Fundraiser during the season or to pay an additional fee per player during Registration. For those participating in the Player Fundraiser, the Player Fundraisers must be sold in their entirety and all of the collected funds must be handed in by the deadline (Opening Day Ceremonies).

Opting Out of the Player Fundraiser

For those opting out of the Player Fundraiser, the additional fee per player is due during Registration, and the fee schedule as follows:

  • $40 for the 1st child
  • $30 for the 2nd child
  • $20 for the 3rd child
  • $90 maximum per family

Current Player Fundraiser

The Player Fundraiser for 2017 are 3 Dunkin Donuts coupon books and 3 Dairy Queen coupon cards per player. Each coupon book/card is sold for $10. A total of $60 is expected to be handed in per player at Opening Day Ceremonies. Unsold fundraisers cannot be returned. If you discover that you need additional coupon books/cards, please contact a Board Member or a Coach.

Field Signage Sponsorship

Purchase a 2’ x 4’ sign to advertise your company. This advertisement banner will be displayed on the fence surrounding the Bernier Field and Alfred Park Field to be viewed by all families attending the Alfred Lyman Little League games. Contact a Board Member for more info.

  • $200 per sign for the 1st year
  • $100 per sign for the 2nd year

Team Sponsorship

Become a Team Sponsor and your company name will be displayed on the baseball hats of each child on that team! The team will also be referred to as your company name. Your company name will be referred to countless times and will become a household name for the nominal fee of $250 per year. Contact a Board Member for more info.

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